Brazos Landscapers will correct the drainage problem area(s) on your property by creating a positive slope that will remove storm water away from your house, building, or area you wish to protect from excess storm water or flooding.  In creating this positive slope, Brazos Landscapers makes gravity work for you. Gravity is always on, wherever you are, so once we install this positive slope in your landscape, you don't have to worry if your property is safe from storm water damage.


Brazos Landscapers will create this positive slope through a series of grade (elevation) corrections of the existing soils and/or hardscape surfaces.  If there is not enough slope available (minimum 0.78% slope), then we can install a hard surface (concrete or pavers) utilizing a minimum positive slope to adequately remove storm water from the property.


Brazos Landscapers uses a rotating laser to accurately measure the grades (elevations) of your property to pinpoint the problem drainage area(s).  We then also use the rotating laser to calculate the most economical means of removing the storm water from your property.


In the process of a drainage repair, Brazos Landscapers employs specialized equipment that constantly reads the rotating laser to accurately establish the correct positive slope for your property.  This equipment allows Brazos Landscapers to precisely remove the obstruction(s) that inhibit the storm water from leaving your property.


Now lets talk about capacity.  Brazos Landscapers will repair your drainage problem area(s) utilizing as much capacity (width) as your real estate will allow, creating a drain way, in most cases, up to 15 feet wide. We build all drain ways with a flat, level bottom, with this level bottom perpendicular to the direction of water flow (positive slope), with the 2 adjacent sides sloped to meet the flat, level bottom and the existing grade.  This creates more work and time involved for us, but leaves your property with a long lasting repair.  This repair method is easier to maintain, clog resistant, and most importantly, drastically increases the water removing capacity. 

Rotating laser and excavator getting started
Mid-way to completion!
Excavation complete, ready for sod!
Grade corrected, sod installed, another satisfied customer!!

This is an image of a drainage repair where the slope was less than 0.78%. Brazos Landscapers installed a side walk on a 0.44% slope (only 4 inches of fall with a distance of 75 feet) to remove storm water that collected in front of the house on the right side. We installed the side walk starting in the upper right side of the image, and by building a 0.44% slope into the side walk, the storm water drains off the property toward the lower left of the image!  To accomplish the above repair, Brazos Landscapers had to remove the soils underneath and adjacent to the new side walk, remove a 10 feet section of existing side walk (extending from the brick columns of the front porch).  We then installed the new side walk on a 0.44% slope and installed sod to cover all bare areas.  Function and Beauty!!

This is an image of a common drainage repair.  Draw an imaginary line starting at the base of the brick of the house on the left, over to the bottom of the fence on the right. This imaginary line is where the grade existed before Brazos Landscapers corrected the grade.  We removed 12 inches of soil in the lowest point of the drainway to create a positive grade that removes storm water from the back yard(where I'm standing to take this picture) to the front yard and ultimately to the street.  We removed the soils using the excavator and rotating lazer in the above pictures, we then removed excavated soils from the jobsite and finally installed sod to cover all bare soil areas. Function and Beauty!

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